Prajna Classes

During Prajna classes students:
Learn basics of our tradition
Get familiar with vocabulary and terminology
Get introduced to the Veic literature, stories from our itiha:sas and pura:Nas
Learn biographies of our great teachers and devotees of Lord Srimannarayana
Learn slo:kas and prayers
Understand virtues and values and much more.
Wherever possible, there will also be classes scheduled for students to learn their native language, music, dance, arts etc., There will be numerous community functions organized for special occassions involving all ‘Prajna’ families. Sri: Swa:mi:ji: will provide instructions to the teachers and will be gracing his divine benevolence and blessing to the students in their path of learning.

These classes are conducted every Sunday at ATFS
To know more about our programs, you may email us at or call us on the number listed below