Foundations TV Red Carpet Event

Our Story

Foundations TV Red Carpet Event is the signature event of The Foundations TV. Four years ago Foundations TV started with the idea of Spreading Inspiration Through Awareness of the positive work that is being done within the South Asian Community of New England and beyond. Within the four year period, we have grown and evolved in multiple directions, now consistently delivering good content to our viewers who expect high standards from us. We have streamlined our content distribution through various channels including social media, video magazine, youtube and of course our website. Our content consistently satisfies the diverse needs of our large (and growing) viewer base. We specialize in providing socially, culturally, religiously, academically, and intellectually enriched as well as visually appealing materials through our webisodes. While, our COMMUNITY NEWS promotes various community events, our STUDIO INTERVIEWS are engaging and meaningful conversations with celebrities and interesting personalities.Our webisodes are interviews of inspirational people who lead by example. We share stories of people who successfully and purposefully manage their passions to produce positive results.We have been able to achieve all that by partnering with numerous organizations over the past 4 years. The list is long and diverse that includes for-profit and non-profit community organizations alike. (Listed in no particular order below)

JET, VT Seva, SEWA International, IAGB, BVIS, Shivalay Temple, Sarva Dev Mandir, NESSP, Easton Lions Club, VHPA, Ekal Vidyalay, NEMA, NEKK, TAGB, TMM, UIANE, SAAC, Prabasi One, Boston Bhangra, AID Boston, BAPS Temple, Worcester Arts Museum, ISKCON, ISW, Waltham Library, SETU, Chinmaya Mission, Art Of Living, SHIAMAK USA, Jewel Of India, Youth Lead TIDE, Consulate General of India, City of Newton, IGM, Shadaj, Calcutta Club, KHMC, Boston International Film Festival, GOPIO, Star Entertainment, Subdrift Boston, Manavseva, BosTown Raas, ATFS, Jagoworld, BITSAA, Cidewalk, Krosslink, Saadi Bazaar, AAANE, ICC, IANH, Museum Of Fine Arts, Jain Social Group, BigHelp, IMANE and many more independent event organizing organizations

With such collaboration and partnership, we have built a platform that thrives on reliable and trustworthy community relationships.In 2017 we ventured into the space of SIGNATURE EVENTS with our first ever RED Carpet Awards. The Foundations TV, under the guidance of its advisors, recognized individuals and organizations under three major categories: Talent, Technical Skill and Community Work. In 2018, we continue this effort with a stride to grow bigger and better each year.
2017 intro video

2017 Awards

Best Photography – Deepa Jacob
Best Sound Engineering – Jawed Wahid
Best Costumes – Boston Kalakshetra

Best Instrumentalist – Phil Scarff
Best Singer Child – Sachi Badola
Best Singer Female – Jayasri Majumdar
Best Singer Male – Ajay Koul
Best Dancer Female – Sreeja Jayasankar
Best Dancer Male – Natarajan Alagappan
Best Choreographer – Shaila Verma
Best Actor Female – Madu Iyer
Best Actor Male – Ajay Jain
Best Director – Subrata Das
Event Of The Year Award – Drishya 2016

Divine Heart Center Community Award For Philanthropic Work – Roopa Modha
Inspirational Youth Award – Divya Navani
Sumathi Narayanan Community Award for Thought Leadership – Kanniks Kannikeswaran
Mentorship Award – Cherag and Anurag Selhi